Direct Mail Services

Direct Mail Services

PR Fulfilment has been established for over 16 years, and we have grown significantly since our early days.

We have expanded, as the market has demanded and now offer an extensive range of Direct Mail Services. These include, data cleansing and personalised mail, folding, machine and hand enclosing, inkjetting and polywrapping.

We have invested in 3 x Xerox digital presses, which means we are able to cater for any highly targeted, personalised, full colour or black only mailings or just short print runs.

Our finishing capabilities have also developed as the business has grown. We can offer folding, perforating, creasing, trimming and booklet making to enable us to produce a wide range of mailings and leaflets.

The size of your mailing isnít paramount to us, we are happy to mail out anything from 10 to 500,000. We are dedicated to giving you the same Customer Care no matter what the mailing quantity.

We at PR Fulfilment have the experience, the energy and the technology to service your direct marketing needs, from start to finish.

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