Mail Fulfilment

Mail Fulfilment

We at PR Fulfilment offer both Machine and Hand enclosing for both envelopes and polywrap, enabling us to offer you flexibility in the complexity of mailings we can produce for you.

Hand enclosing offers the ability to produce difficult, highly creative mailing pieces, whereas our 6 station inserting machines can offer cost effective enclosing for envelope sizes from C6 to C4. We can also machine polywrap brochures, leaflets - anything from A5 up to A4 - with multiple inserts.

Through our 16 years of producing a diverse range of hand and machine enclosed mailing pieces we can offer experience and knowledge, and an ability to effectively produce and despatch mailings on budget and on time. No matter what the size and shape!

We can also advise you on the best way of producing your mailpiece, so that you save money on the postage. We are accredited to not only send out mail via Royal Mail but TNT, UK Mail, City Post, OnePost and Secured mail also.

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